Diary of a Deed Pt. 1
Diary of a Deed Pt. 1 scary stories

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This one may be to graphic for some.

Ever wonder what it would be like to lose yourself?

Diary of a Deed Pt. 1

Entry 1:

Busy day today, finished off all the paperwork on the house and began moving items out of storage. Not a lot until I get a rental truck or find a friend whos truck I can borrow.

Just smaller items I could fit in my shitty two door car. The house is nice though and I'm excited to finally call myself a homeowner, I'm tired from the long day at the moment however.

I will update on the progress of moving in more later.

Entry 2:

Rented a moving truck today in hopes of just getting all of this mostly useless shit moved into the house and out of storage.

I don't want to have to pay the old senile man another months rent on that storage place, what a fucking scam that is.

Use it for even one day in the new month and you get charged the entire month. Maybe I should open my own storage lot and rob people as well.

Might be better than dealing with the constant nagging of the people that I work with now. Anyways, one more day with the rental truck and I should have all of my stuff moved into the new place.

Entry 3:

Finished moving all of my crap from the storage unit today, feels good to be done with that. My friend Greg came with me at the promise of food afterwards and helped me move the heavier items.

Superstitious Greg was complaining about feeling “uneasy” in my new place today, I think he’s just jealous that I have my own home now and no longer have to rent from random people.

He even tried to spook me by telling me that he saw a little girl at the bottom of the stairwell that leads to the basement. Nice try, Greg.

I should get going, I did promise Greg dinner at a very prestigious restaurant tonight called “Taco Bell”. Later.

Entry 4:

Fucking Greg. I was unpacking boxes and that stupid idiot must have just thrown a bunch of stuff down the stairs to lazy to actually walk down there and set them down.

So far I’ve found four boxes of shit toppled over and scattered/broken all over the basement. I don’t know if he got spooked by his little ghost buddy or what, but either way.

Grow the fuck up man, treat my shit with some respect. Other than the boxes in the basement I’m settling in and getting unpacked just fine. Amazing how much more room there is here, feels empty.

A lot of wasted space. Guess I will collect more stuff over time. Cya for now.

Entry 5:

It’s been awhile since I’ve written here, just been super tired. Not sleeping well. Im assuming its the stress of the move and all of the hectic life stuff happening all at once.

Basically all unpacked now, even found some extra storage room the realtor forgot to point out or didn't even know about maybe.

A little extra crawl space right next to the furnace in the basement, not much, but good for some smaller shit like my camping gear.

I put my fold out chairs there for now, gets them out of the way. Greg claims he didn’t mistreat any boxes but did admit to possibly stacking them to high, but whatever.

Most of the shit in there I haven’t seen in years anyways so no big deal i suppose. I’m headed to work now, bye.

Entry 6:

Another night with very little sleep. Got woken up at around 2am to what sounded like someone breaking into the house.

Upon further investigation I believe it to be the work of some neighborhood hooligans fucking with the new guy on the block. They threw some trash through the kitchen window.

It was a little wooden box that had been charred. Inside was some random junk that looked like an old photo, although it's hard to say considering the contents were also burned.

I hope i catch them in the act next time so I can give them a lesson, or at least scare the living piss out of them.

Entry 7:

Work sucks and my boss is a cunt. Bitch has no respect for anyone, and uses anyone she pleases for her personal goals. What a waste of human flesh.

I’m not usually a violent person and wouldn’t actually do anything, but since this is my own journal, I get a smile thinking about that bitch in a car “accident” haha.

Pretty messed up, but it’s not like anyone will read this besides me anyways. So that was my day if you hadn’t caught on it sucked.

At least now I'm home, and no new presents from the local welcoming committee through anymore windows, so that's a plus. Still need to finish unpacking, what a fun way to spend my weekend.

Entry 8:

What in the actual fuck. I’m downstairs in the basement finishing up the last few boxes down there, just listening to music when I run up stairs to grab another beer.

I come back down after grabbing said beer, and you know those camping chairs I put in the crawl space? The fold out ones?

Yea, well they were out in the middle of the floor, not only that but they were fucking unfolded and set up! To much beer perhaps? I don’t think so, creeped me the fuck out.

Maybe Greg was onto something ha. It’ll take more than that to spook me away though you fucking little ghost!

Entry 9:

I’m starting to feel like i'm going a little crazy here. That charred box that was thrown through my window showed up again.

I swear to god I threw it into the trash and then took the trash out. This morning, there it was sitting right in the middle of my kitchen again.

Hope I dont have some creepy squatter hiding somewhere in this house. I will fuck. Him. Up. On top of that I keep having terrible graphic nightmares almost every night now.

So, of course still sleep deprived, which is probably the root cause of all the shit thats been going on. My mind is making no sense, and I can’t think logically.

I’m going to try and get some more sleep in the form of a nap haha. Cya.

Entry 10:

I can’t get my mind off that little fucking box! Why i keep feeling like it’s important for me i have no idea. I got caught today at work zoning out thinking about it.

The cunt boss got all up in my face about not paying attention today in the weekly staff meeting. I don’t know what I was thinking but I actually shoved her a little.

What the hell was I thinking?! I will probably lose my job over that shit now and I'll be screwed. It was almost like I couldn't help it though. Like, I was watching it happen.

Is this what severe sleep deprivation will do to you? It would appear so. Crazy day, I need a drink.

Entry 11:

I have that box on my night stand now. I don't know why but I can’t seem to be without it now. It's like a drug, I need it.

However since moving it there I slept all night for the first time since moving into the house. Call me crazy, but it seems to settle me down having it nearby.

My lovely piece of charred garbage. As long as I sleep I will continue to keep it nearby.

Packing is all finished as well, with the newfound sleep, i’ve found new energy to finally finish the job. Seems as though this little box is a better friend then my actual friends.

Entry 12:

Ok what is wrong with me. I re read yesterday's post and what the shit man!? Talking about some box as though its my new lover.

It’s a fucking piece of trash box, what the hell is wrong with you man. Before it gets any stranger, I’ve decided i am going to re burn this thing and get rid of it.

My feelings for it, and obsession over it is just creeping me the hell out. IT. IS. JUST. A. BOX.

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