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What happens in a toy store when no one is there with you?

Devils R Us

Jenny hated the closing shift at work, such a large store filled with creepy eyes that seemed to track your every movement throughout the store.

It seemed like you couldn’t go down an isle without some sort of toy watching you.

During the day when it was loud, and crazy with kids running around uncontrollably it was fine, but at night, when it was quiet and everyone had left for the day it was creepy.

She had just gotten a promotion and was now an official key carrier, which meant that she had twice the responsibility without the raise to match.

Her last associate had just left for the evening and she was there alone. Just her and the creepy toys.

She finished up closing out the front of the store and made sure that the front entrance was locked before heading to the back to finish up her paperwork.

As she began walking towards the back of the store where the manager's office was she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched, and even followed.

Again, in a creepy quiet toy store, this was a normal feeling. She shrugged it off and made her way into the manager's office to begin her paperwork.

She had just gotten started on the financial spreadsheet when she heard a crashing noise coming from outside the office.

She opened the door to see if she could identify the noise, thinking that maybe she had forgotten to let an employee out before locking the doors.

“Hello?” Jenny announced out into the vast, and silent store. No answer. She turned to head back into the office when she heard a tickle me elmo start laughing.

As if those things weren’t scary enough, imagine hearing one when your alone, and in a store that is the size of a warehouse.

A bit frightened she made her way towards the elmo to show herself that it was just a toy. As she rounded the corner to the isle where the tickle me elmos were at she gasped.

A movable Darth vader toy with real lightsaber noises and motions was sitting on the floor, and was apparently stabbing the tickle me elmo in the stomach with his lightsaber.

Thus, causing elmo to laugh repeatedly.

“What the hell?” She thought. She moved toward the toys to place them back on the shelves, when she heard another noise.

This time it was coming from behind her, and it sounded like one of those infant toys that when you pull the string the arrow lands on an animal, then makes that animals noise.

“The cow goes, Moo!” It told her as it sat in the middle of the floor. Sure that another employee was pulling a prank on her now she laughed out loud and said,

“Very funny guys, come on now I want to finish this work and go home. I’ll let you out the doors.” But again, there was no answer.

“This is starting to get annoying guys, come on lets go, or you’ll be stuck here until I leave.” Still, no answer.

“Baby hungry! Baby want milk!” She heard as she swung around to see yet another toy off the shelf and standing next to Darth Vader.

Except this toy belonged a few isles away, and wasn’t there before.

Jenny started to run for the doors this time, deciding she wanted nothing to do with this store anymore, as she ran she looked back over her shoulder to see Darth Vader's arm around the doll,

continuing to stab at elmo as elmo's laugh sounded as if it were turning into a cry for help. She reached the front doors and scrambled with her keys, trying to find the correct one.

She took one last look back over her shoulder and noticed that the toy that makes animal noises was sitting on the counter right behind her.

She watched in horror as the string pulled itself out and released.

“The girl goes, AHHH!!” It shrieked in an unworldly voice. Jenny grabbed the nearest thing she could, and broke the glass to the door front and ran out into the night.

Swearing never to step foot in another toy store ever again.

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