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Let's Chase each other around the room tonight, I told the stars about you and now it's time...

Let's Chase each other around the room tonight...

I told the stars about you and now it's time

If you haven't found it yet, I say keep looking

let's Focus on the good and keep on moving

For you don't need to hide, the pain in your eyes

The sun shall rise, and we will try again

I just want to go some place with you, where nobody knows our name.

So let's escape this reality for a while,

For we are so deep, the end to fall will have no boundaries to stop the chase

Just breathe on my skin for the time I adore you,

Kiss me while we travel places we have never been before,

Hey! Don't worry, because you are exactly where you need to be

Let's break free the curfew, and meet where our hearts first met,

For I am sensitive yet strong, I love deep and deeper than my passion for the moon and stars surrounding me.

Life becomes cruel if you stop to dream,

I say I don't need novels, because I dream excessively.

I want to show you a side of mine, true to me

It is locked for a reason, I wish you could see through what I need.

Passion in love can lead us to places,

The kind of places only a few can see and believe

My darling, u too, keep up this hope for a little longer,

I need you to show that you are worth having me.

For I am just a star in your universe

But I assure you, I'll be the one to be your sun, so trust me to let our souls submerge together,

And let you have me.


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