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kriss_chase a try-hard poet wannabe
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A poem for our dear star, Vincent Van Gogh. Inspired by Don McLean's "Vincent"

scattered acrylics

Wheat fields swaying underneath your fingertips Kisses of the soft sun, rays seeping on your skin Oil on canvasses, brushes on mirrors Lines that intertwine, strokes that never do

Fallen clippers, long and tired letters Faded inks, and your fragile fingers Ragged stamps, dirty mail prints Painting melodies with the northern wind

Suffering symbols, suffering hymns Misery at its best, never once thought Keeping up with the rage within Every day you weep, and every day, you tear

How I wish I could've seen Scattered acrylics on your lips Wipe them off, like your insanity Wipe them clean, like your agony

Woe are the daffodils, mourning are the roses Hearing ears with distracted minds Nameless people and their senseless whispers "Yet, you have loved us still"

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