How I Wonder

                                     How I Wonder free verse stories

kriss_chase a try-hard poet wannabe
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I feel restless, and that makes me wonder.

How I Wonder

Stillness, oh stillness How lovely for it to be?

Embrace me in your warmth Break the shivering lips and the pale sceneries

Peace, oh peace How joyful for it to be?

Scream for me in the darkness Shed some sound, echo over me

Rest, oh rest Will you not come for my anguish?

Let me bloom at once Like flowers during spring

Let my body sink in, Let the Earth show me love

Let my heart set firmly And let my consciousness fall out

Let the universe absorb me Let me fill up the space

Let me be swallowed by dark matters Put my weary soul into place

How lovely would it be? How joyful would it be? Utterly, surely, certainly

How lovely would I be? How joyful would I be? Honestly, dauntedly,

Never, I must be.

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