Dusty Parts

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krishinkaseno Community member
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Falling in love is like spring time that wakes parts of you from the deep sleep that you have put to rest.

Dusty Parts

You are the first spring flower The first breath of sunshine in the morning Caressing all the aching parts of me Awakening my monsters

You are the still moments in the next romantic premiere Featured in the tragedies of my heart I struggle to let the phrases define the feeling I keep finding you in the spaces between the words

Your eyes, brown orbs of warm melted sugar I count the bumps on your skin and wish on each one Seeing them as stars dotting a milky way I want to be stranded in Where space and time are defined in the confines of our minds

I am lost in the sheets where our bodies try to bring us closer Closer to the edge with each lazy breath As my heart tries to dust off its empty corners The light seeps through the curtains

Wriggling through the gaps our jagged pieces try to fill Trying to look for a place where you and I can stay In this moment Warm in your bed Away from the cold world

And I guess in that moment, I chose I chose to open a window of my fermented heart k.s.

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