Infinity and Eternity
Infinity and Eternity love stories

kradlestrange 🌈 Traversing life one verse at a time.
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They say that when you are with the one that you love, you feel infinite as though even time will stop just for you two. Here's poem about that. :)

Infinity and Eternity

The immense coldness of the night is seething through my very core

Voice shudder, wine bottles on the floor

Once again, I’m iced with this misery

But I remember you’re here, I know I’ll be happy.

To “hold infinity in the palm of your hands”

I now understood where William Blake stands

That’s what I’ve perceived the moment we walked hand in hand

Stop all the clocks as Auden said

When I’m with you, who cares when the world would end

Your smile suggests what beauty our future will be

Your eyes glare the promise of eternity

You’re giving me light beyond these shadows

Your love is a drug I’ll take at any dose

Believe me when I say you are everything to me

‘cause with you is where I can grasp infinity and eternity.

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