Sydney's Neptune Adventure Part 5
Sydney's Neptune Adventure Part 5 #catstory stories

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Part 5

Sydney's Neptune Adventure Part 5

A familiar fragrance lures me to a massive stone cavern. Its aroma matches the blue mists that Maya had blown out earlier. The silence screams at me, sending me a flutter of fear.

Blue and gold flowers glow inside the cavern, providing enough light for me to see. The cavern is big enough for something large to live in.

I see something blue shining in a glass cage hanging from the ceiling. The light gets stronger the closer I get to it. A marquise-shaped stone shines a turquoise colour through the glass as if pleading for my help. "I found the turquoise stone!" I touch the glass with my paw and it shatters into pieces.

I grab the turquoise stone with my mouth and swim out of the hole above the cavern. As I am on my way back to the mermaid palace, blue mists exhausts out of me and I swim to the surface as fast as I could.

Then the calm sea abruptly changes into raging waters. The powerful waves are hard to swim in, but I had could not give up. Then a deep voice rips through the sea as if it were the one speaking. "How dare you steal from the King Piscean Sea Octopus! I, Borello, banish you from Neptune!"

Behind me, a dark blue octopus with black spots gradually emerges from the water. He shoots out a line of black ink, wrapping me in it. Now I know how a fly feels trapped in a spider's web. The ink sticks to my body as he brings me closer to my face. "Do you have anything to say for yourself, cat?"

"Why did you steal the turquoise stone from the immortal stand? Maya created that stone for everyone!" A deep laugh erupts from Borello as his green eyes pierce through my green eyes. He opens his mouth, swallowing the stone.

"Steal? This stone is mine! With this stone, my powers will increase a tenfold. I will be stronger because there will be no one else living on this planet besides me. I was born to be powerful, and what good is a powerless octopus? Big creatures like me are the only ones deserving of power and immortality."

The blue sand turns to black mud, the water turns to violet, and the sky is fire red. Everyone has passed out except for Borello and I. My heart fuses with anger and heat. My body generates a white-golden glow that gives Borello a surprise. This is my will power! It is rare that I hiss, but I could not control it.

"Borello, this is now how you should behave! The true power lies within the goodness of your heart. Power does not make you better than anyone else. It is the heart that imitates the brilliance of a diamond and the compassion of a flower. Love and kindness must be your priority!" My words struck him like an arrow to the heart and his face shows remorse.

"The power I have is in love and forgiveness. I can tell you are in pain as cats are sleuths at detecting sadness. We are very good at it! Whatever you are going through, we are here to help!" I say as everything changes back to blue.

Borello releases me on the shore and washes the ink off of me. Then he swims over to Maya, he breathes blue mist on her and she awakens.

Maya says a release spell and the turquoise stone rises out of Borello. She blows on the stone and it bursts into tiny turquoise raindrops that rains on everyone. The raindrops absorb into everyone' bodies, including Borello; they return to their youth and their full strength is back.

"The stone no longer exists as Sydney inspired me to let the light live within everyone's hearts. Spread love and your immortality will live on! " Maya says A hint of jealousy crosses my heart as earthlings do not live forever, especially cats.

"And Sydney, when your time on Earth is complete. You may come to live with us on Neptune or anywhere in the universe as I have blessed you with the eternal light too." Maya says.

Borello apologises to everyone. "Maybe I should go back to my cavern. I caused so much trouble. I was only thinking of myself. The small creatures are powerful, but the giant creatures are weak like me. Other octopuses bully me about being weak. They are stronger and they never let me forget it."

"Since that day, I vowed to search for something to help me get stronger. When I heard about the turquoise stone, I had to make my move. I realise now I have hurt others and I am no better than those other octopuses." Borello apologises to Maya and thanked her for what she has done. Maya forgives him and encourages him to love.

The mermaids swim up to the surface and Kaia waves at me and I meow to her. She cuddles me as she speaks to Borello. "Borello, we would love for you to stay here with us. Everyone makes mistakes we did not realise you were in pain. Please come and talk to us and we will help you." Kaia is sweet and caring and Borello smiles.

Borello picks me up from Kaia's arms and gently wraps his tentacle around me. "I promise I will speak if my heart is in trouble. Earth is a compassionate planet. Come visit me and I will take you on a tour of my cavern. Thank you for helping me to understand!" I purr and rub my head against his tentacle.

Borello releases me on the blue sand as Maya swims over. She lowers her head and we rub noses. "Thank you for giving everyone immortality, Maya!"

She smiles says, "Whenever you visit again, I will show you the entire ocean. I know cats dislike water as I have learned from you. But under the sea is such a fantastic place to be. Today you showed bravery against your fear of water! We all admire you!"

The King and Queen of the mermaids swim up beside Maya. "Maya, we are sorry that we did not protect the stone. We understand if you do not trust us anymore."

Maya turns to the mermaids, "My dear friends, please do not be sad. I forgive you. My heart never lowers in love. These dark times teach us about the good times ahead. My trust has not disappeared." The mermaids smile and sing for joy. Their singing matches the energy of the sun.

Kaia swims over to me and cuddles me in her arms once again. "I am going to miss these cuddles! Please come back and join our music festivals, you are VIP forever!"

The Mermaid Queen wraps me up in her arms, "Still so adorable!" Then the King had his turn, "I wish you could stay here with us, come back anytime to the palace under the sea!" The sky-blue sand darkens to sapphire snow. The cold seeps through little by little as Maya, Borello, the mermaids, and all creatures transform into their icy forms.

Borello changes into a diamond octopus. He would blend in with the snow on Earth! The mermaids turn into snow mermaids and their blood and hair thicken the colder it gets. Whenever they want to come to shore, Maya blows blue mist and the ice melts away.

I look back before stepping inside the pink crystal and they wave their farewells. I will always remember my time on Neptune. Princess Aria waves her hand in front of the staff. This time she touches the green sphere, a familiar planet I know all too well, "Home, Earth!"

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