Sydney's Neptune Adventure- Part 6- Last chapter
Sydney's Neptune Adventure- Part 6- Last chapter   #sydneysneptuneadventure stories

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Part 6- Last chapter!

First photo Sydney is playing with a fidget spinner!

Sydney's Neptune Adventure- Part 6- Last chapter

This time we pass a planet with a ring around it, it was as huge as Jupiter but not quite. "This is Saturn. Maybe one day you will visit and find out the history of the ring." Princess Aria says.

When the pink crystal lands in the park, Princess Aria hugs me and expresses her appreciation. "You are one brave kitty-cat. Earth is fortunate to have you." I told her about the cat next door and she laughs. "Maybe he needs a friend, offer to take him on your next adventure. Believe in your dreams, and I will appear."

The pink crystal rises into the night sky, disappearing in a twinkle. I roll around in the luscious green grass before entering my home. When I enter through the secret passageway, I face two unhappy humans. "We have caught you 'kitty-pawed' you are so getting a bath look at all the mud!" The woman with blue eyes says with her hands on her hips.

I meow and brush up against her legs and give her the innocent kitty stare. I saw it in a movie once and maybe it will work for me now. "Oh, Sydney, you are too cute! How dare we threaten you with a bath!" The woman in hazel eyes says as she picks me up and hugs me with guilt.

She pours fresh food and water into my bowls, and then the best sound of all was my treat box...oh boy! After my treats, I sit on the table looking out the window. "Don't stay up too late, Sydney! We are not sure where you went, but I hope you had a good time." The woman in blue eyes says before heading to bed.

A pink moon appears tonight, symbolising love, hope, dreams, and confidence.

As a cat, I never thought my dreams would come true. I settle in my pink bed by the fireplace as I think about my next adventure. Where will I go next to Jupiter, Saturn, Hawaii, Tokyo, Scotland? The sky is not the limit while other planets exist.

Always believe in your dreams and love yourself. But for now, it is time for much-needed kitty sleep until next time good night everyone!

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