Jimin Fan Fiction: How I met you; 1
Jimin Fan Fiction: How I met you; 1 bts stories

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This is a BTS Fan Fiction. If you are reading this, please tell me what fan fiction you want me to make next.

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Jimin Fan Fiction: How I met you; 1

Y/n: Your name Y/m/n: Your mom’s name Y/f/n: Your dad’s name Y/s/n: Your sister’s name

My name is Y/n. I am going to take a journey with my family because it's Summer! Summer means vacation right? Because that’s what I’m going to do.

My family and I didn’t pack up yet so we’re going to do that right now.

We’re going to be gone for quite a long time (3 months). I went shopping yesterday because I wanted to pack better clothes than what I have right now.

I packed only what i bought because I’ll just buy more stuff when we get there. I am done packing! Finally!

I’ll help my little sister, Y/s/n, pack her stuff. She is so bratty but I still love her because she’s my sister. Anyway, when I went inside her room, she didn’t even start yet.

I know she’s just 11 but she should be responsible by now. I got her stuff and packed everything she needed for the trip.

I know my mom and dad already packed everything because they are fast packers. They said that before me and Y/s/n was born, they used to travel a lot.

I believe them because we used to have so many souvenirs on the fridge but it was too much so we just stuffed them in our closet. We still have them though.

I can show you but my mom put it in the closet and once my mom puts it there, it’s long gone.

I went to check on my mom and dad and I was right. They did already pack. They were just watching TV and playing on their phones so I went to my room and did the same.

The trip was tomorrow and nobody were really that excited except for Y/s/n. I just went because 1. I can’t stay by myself for three months without doing something wrong...

2. I just wanted to take pictures for my Instagram there.

I am a part time photographer. I am always the one who takes the pictures at weddings, holidays, and etc.

Then, we went down for dinner and talked about what to do in dangerous situations. We are going to travel to a lot of places so we don’t really know everywhere that we're going.

We slept and prepared for tomorrow’s big trip.

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