My beloved, I'm sorry
My beloved, I'm sorry love2016 stories

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Because I, the chronic satirist, am emotionally incapable of writing a serious love letter ;)

Fingers crossed this doesn't get disqualified, but hopefully this will be my entry for the love contest. So if you liked it, I'd really appreciate if you could give it a thumbs-up! Thanks in advance!

My beloved, I'm sorry

by kpkaboom

My beloved,

I just wanted to say sorry.

Sorry for breaking you, sorry for ditching you way too often, sorry for using you so much that your colors started to fade away.

I’m grateful that you put up with my weird habits.

Like my pencil twirling.

I know it hurts you a lot to be spun around and dropped

so many times.

Oh yeah, and I know it really hurt you when I left you...

and the pad of paper for my computer and phone as my tools of choice for writing.

I’m sorry, my beloved pencil.

I just had to do it. Love, @kpkaboom

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