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While it may seem confusing, it's easy to put together a college list. Just follow these totally serious tips!

Life decided to throw a lot of changes at me all at the same time (namely, the past two weeks) but I'm hoping to post on Commaful a bit more often now.

How to create a college list

by kpkaboom

Haven't a clue how to decide where to apply to college?

Follow these awesome and totally serious tips and you'll be well on your way through the college application process.

1. Apply to all the Ivies

Dartmouth and Columbia are interchangeable as far as anyone should be concerned. Throw in Stanford and MIT for good measure.

2. Disregard financial aid policies

Need-blind, need-aware - all the same, who cares?

3. Don't worry if your intended major isn't offered

You'll figure it out when you get there. Besides, you're pretty sure you've heard that you can create your own major, so you ought to be all set.

4. If you're a girl, only look at coed schools

Don't even consider women's colleges. The fact they've produced a disproportionate number of highly successful women in business, politics, and more industries is outweighed by the lack of guys.

5. Consider where your high school friends are applying

If no one's applying to a school you're considering, cross it off your list.

6. Ask everyone you know for their opinion on your list

And I'm talking EVERYONE - your dentist, your third cousin twice removed, your kindergarten teacher whom you haven't talked to in years - all deserve to be part of this special journey with you.

7. Make sure you like each school's colors

You don't want to be wearing colors you hate for the next four years.

8. Oh right, and toss in a few safety schools

You're so busy that you don't have to put much thought into these, but it's okay because you're probably not going to end up there anyways, right?

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