College Shopping List
College Shopping List college stories
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kpkaboomhas no accomplishments to put in a bio
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delving into the murky waters of fiction with this one. also, although i am quite accident-prone, i'm not the narrator in this story.

College Shopping List

by kpkaboom

Laundry detergent (extra-strength, high efficency)

To get rid of stains on my otherwise perfectly normal-looking clothes. Preferably in a somewhat portable size because my name isn't Arnold Schwarzenegger.


So that I appear moderately presentable in public.


My counselor said it was a good way to keep track of everything in my life, which will help me "take control of my life".

Scotch tape

Because I'm incredibly accident-prone and I often need to fix things quickly and just well enough that they don't fall apart immediately on me.

My true self

Although I've just been informed that it's out of stock. They do have a pharmacy though.

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