Productivity Apps for People Who Love Simplicity
Productivity Apps for People Who Love Simplicity stories

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Productivity Apps for People Who Love Simplicity

by kpkaboom

Many productivity apps weren't helping me be more productive

I felt like I was spending more time on the app than on doing what I needed to do

Here are the apps that have actually helped my productivity to-do list

Any,do strikes the perfect balance between capability and simplicity. It has a very clean interface, yet allows you to organize your tasks by category with multiple viewing options.

Procrastinatorr: anti-procrastination

Sends you sassy notifications if you leave the app. Super easy to use, super effective for me! Only issue: sometimes if the phone goes to sleep Procrastinatorr will send me notifications as well

Quip: note-taking, writing

Syncs across all devices, allows you to work sans internet & syncs automatically when you get internet, useful for both short notes & longer pieces. Special capabilities: spreadsheets, checklists


I take a TON of screenshots - mostly of stuff I'll want to reference in the future or that I otherwise need to remember later. With Screenshotter I can create folders to organize my screenshots

What apps do you use?

Always looking for new apps to try out!

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