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koyylovesbooks The Song of the 15 to Be 😆
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Got inspired after actually chewing gum.

Chewed Up Gum

May Vinsot

An old man’s skin shrivelled Pale pink and wrinkled Sticking to tires and shoes Left at the pavement to ooze

Once upon a time worth a dollar Mint and cherry powdered with sugar Boys and girls eager to chew Blown around till it made a sound pop!

The cherry begins to fade Its essence sucked out in haste And what’s left is now a paste It’s colour fifty times less a shade

So life is like that eh? Sweet souls get a taste of the world Gets chewed till all is bitter and stale Spat out on the streets or someone’s hair

What to do if not to spit A chewed up gum in the stomach it cannot sit To use as glue would be foul For it is now a part of drool

We mustn’t be like this In life we must get back up, hand in fist

We mustn’t be like this In life we must get back up, hand in fist Yes, a life of chewed up gum is one to refrain

For once it falls it never regains

Here’s my actual bubblegum package 😆

Am actually surprised that when I searched up bubblegum for the front slide picture, I got a pic of the same one as mine

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