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When was the last time you thanked yourself?

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We are so used to thanking people. And we totally forgot to say this phrase to the person without whom we would not have been where we are now. We forgot to say thanks to ourselves.

Obviously, every person on our way has contributed to the formation of our personality. Positive or negative - it's up to you.

There are hundreds of people who have helped us, prompted us, pulled us out of the pit of misunderstanding and prolonged depression.

They helped to orient ourselves, showed the way and remained forever in our memories and hearts.

There are hundreds of people we were gladly spat in their faces. Those who betrayed, deceived, poked their fingers behind our backs, and then smiled sweetly at the next meeting. They made us stronger, tougher.

Well, what about ourselves? Don't we deserve to say THANKS to ourselves?

After all, only we decide whether to go to the gym or "ok, just 5 more minutes" to lie in bed. Only we decide whether to read a book or watch another video on YouTube.

Only we decide whether to take the risk or continue to think about the risk. Only we decide whether to go forward or give up. Only we are responsible for our steps and actions.

With every step, movement or action we take, we get closer to a dream or failure. To victory or defeat.

I want to thank myself.


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