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Everyone deserves to be heard

Just a quick reminder

Words hurt. Words kill. Sometimes literally. Remember the moment when you were told that you cannot do anything; that what you are doing is just a waste of time.

How many times have you been called stupid or a fool; how many times they laughed at your failure, and how many times they congratulated you on your victory. I mean sincerely congratulated.

How did you feel? Resentment, anger, hatred, grief, rage, indifference? What were you thinking about? Why me, what I did wrong to you, it is not fair.

Now remember the moment when you did any of the above in relation to another person? Even unconsciously. By chance. In my opinion, this is the most "unconscious" and poses a great danger to us.

Every time you thoughtlessly say something to a person, you leave a wound in his heart and soul that cannot be healed by any medicine or any love. You leave scars on someone's heart that will forever disfigure it; which will make him fragile, vulnerable and weak. Perhaps a person will forgive you.

You will communicate as if nothing had happened; spending time together. But the wound that you once inflicted will not heal. It will not disappear. There is always a scar that will remind what you have done.

Even if it seems to you that the person is outwardly unperturbed and it is impossible to bring him to emotions - think before hurting painfully. We all people. We all know how to feel.

Remember, outwardly we can smile, laugh, joke, but inside we have a war; burn a fire of agony and pain. A person can be tough and hurt. Or maybe - kind and two-faced, who at the first opportunity will thrust a sharp knife into your back.

Just a quick reminder.

Words hurt. Words kill.

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