Living Like a Star
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kossthesauce Filming a movie, but making a scene
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Stars and stars aren't so different after all.

Living Like a Star

"Oh, you want to be a star?" "You'll never be seen from a far."

You hear those words and let them sink in. Like really allow them to play with your emotion.

This burning desire that doesn't internally well bode, a concoction of passion just needing to explode.

And explode it does and ourwards it goes, a beacon of light with nothing to do but grow.

"Oh, so you wanna be a star?" "You'll never make it far."

You hear those words, but you know your worth. You know you'll be the biggest star on Earth.

Of course it takes time, hard-work and dedication, but soon it pays off, and everyday's a vacation.

As you look back and think about what your life has become, You realize you got what you ordered, and you ate every crumb.

Their light shines bright, but it'll go out all the same. Your legacy only continues when others speak your name.

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