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I totally Ship Choni and Makorra here is a poem about ice skating ⛸ and winter


Snow ⛄️ the cold 🥶 snowflakes ❄️

The frozen pond The ice skates in the crystal snow.

Everyone in warm clothes and drinking hot coco.

Enjoying the ice skating show. Watching the two different Partners. Twirling around and doing the ice skating movements a boy and girl soon fall in love 🥰 on the ice skating floor. And then they share a passionate kiss on the lips.

For they are both Single for a little moment now they are not. For they both take a bow and leave the skate Arena. Another couple takes the floor.

A girl and another girl they both the same age. They have been skating forever. ♾

They are a couple They slowly made a heart in the ice. Then they kissed.

Love is love even on the ice skating floor. The right person will have the key to your heart.

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