🧸~The Toy Chest~🧸
🧸~The Toy Chest~🧸 toys stories

korra a lot of things change
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Enjoy the stuff animals I have inside my closet I had fun writing this.

🧸~The Toy Chest~🧸

So many memory’s now covered with dust and cobwebs in a closet. Now they are all losted inside a little boys room. Inside a big toy chest lost things like.

A Link doll, and a SpongeBob easter bunny all covered in drool. from a toddler.

A dog toy that losted it’s all of its battery’s. A snowman that got its arm ripped off. And many other friends are inside the chest.

For I forgot what there original name’s where. My son take good care of them renamed them like I did. Cuddleing them at night when things go bump in the night.

Talk to them when you’re feeling down. Play with them whenever you’re down inside the dumps.

Remember you put them inside your toy chest little one. For it is your Magical place of peace and happiness.

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