🌞~The Sun and Moon~🌙 Sun= girl Moon= boy
🌞~The Sun and Moon~🌙

Sun= girl

Moon= boy  moon sun stories

korra a lot of things change
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A just a crappy poem about the sun and the moon I wrote this poem out from boredom.

🌞~The Sun and Moon~🌙 Sun= girl Moon= boy

The sun and the moon where never supposed to be together.

They would fight Constantly sometimes

Other times they work out whatever life trow at them.

The sun had a little crush on the moon

But she had to keep it to herself for

The sun was dating another Star.

Who was pretty as much as she was.

She tried talking to her friends about it.

You have a crush on the sun silly head. They said

Just wait a little while he will come to you later.

The star couldn’t help but blush like a tomato 🍅

As she waited for the other sun to let the moon go.

The other sun was already taken by another.

The moon had wait for the sun to let him go for the moon has a small crush on the Sun.

Soon the moon and sun will date and not hide they feelings about each other for they are both dorks. ❤️💕 and keep each other happy. For now we must hear there sweet lullaby for the world to hear.

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