♥️Be a warrior princess~💕
♥️Be a warrior princess~💕 love stories

korra a lot of things change
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This poem is about a warrior princess I thought of multiple ones from Disney and some who are not Princess at all I hope you enjoy this one as I enjoy making it.

♥️Be a warrior princess~💕

Fight for once this Kingdom was

This holy place is now a battlefield and we must get it back.

Go in disguise if you must. I know you’re afraid and it’s okay. Everyone will be here when you get back home including me.

Take your little friend behind you Don’t get hurt, come back safely. For I need you inside my arms again. So safe and warm.

I know you can take care of yourself for you are my princess I know you hate that nickname I give you. But your also a warrior fighting for the greater good. I then kissed her on the forehead.

Just come back to me safe and sound okay my darling.

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