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What am I really? Something like a blank white sheet? Where I can make my identity But also let influences take over me And become a part of me Maybe good maybe bad But everything is a part of me.

What am I really? Something like a blank black sheet? Clearly creating my identity, Absorbing influences But not reflecting it on me

Am I just plain easy to handle Or a textured one Different from others.? Am I sturdy where no harsh statements bother me? Or am I a brittle easy to damage?

The monochrome personality of mine It seems to be Hidden are polychrome thoughts Wild in the head

I am what I am But I am layered with many selves Some opaque Some transparent Some translucent You get to see only what I show

Wishing to know me clear, You might tear me apart, Your curiosity might burn me too But I know I'm safe Thanks to the bulletproof shield of mine Sheet of iron Protecting my layers The identity I created for myself Changing through time and experience.

Thanks for the read : )

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