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A dream reality...
Sorry its long :|


Was it Atlantis? Was it Dwarka? Must have had a name, I can’t recall it yet.

Skyscraper around, Monochromatic facades, No one to be seen, I assumed I was lost;

The shades of grey, Inviting me in, In search for someone, In this world I was in;

Walking through the corridors, Colonnaded with marble, Reflecting on its surface, Was the sun that brightly shone;

But confused I was, Wondering why this place is empty, There's water surrounding me, This I now notice;

Reached the end of the corridor, Found a grand vantablack door, Intriguing it may have seemed, Yet I opened that door;

Walking inside, Admiring the skylight, The presence of water, Only seemed like the presence of air;

The velvet staircase, Unaffected by water, Making me more curious, Of where I really was;

Walked over the trapezoidal stairs, Narrowing gradually to the top, That would add music and light, At every step you take;

The end of a stair, Leading over another corridor, At the end now was, A huge glass door;

Entering the room, At the center lies the throne, On which was seated, A colossal purple octopus;

“Hi dear KoolZ Welcome to Enchangica” I’m Winkizen Let me show you around”

Now Winkizen and I, Began the tour of the land, We went everywhere, Leaving no coroner unseen;

Twirling over the towering buildings, Spinning through the hallways, Hopping over plazas, We explored everything;

We went to the Sombrero, The big dining place, We had the best delicacies in that world, Served from the utensils themselves;

We then went to, The garden of shards, There we drank the sap, Of the misty blue tree;

Suddenly everything shook, It seemed like an earthquake, Winkizen now sad, Said it’s time to say goodbye;

Handing me a pendant, Of whirly lilac stone, Embedded it is within, The black metal that shone;

Out of nowhere, Falling into a whirlpool, Only to wake up in my bed, Realizing it was just a dream;

At least that’s what I thought, Till turned to my desk, To find the pendent Given by Winkizen.

Thanks for reading!!!! Sorry, it's too long. Hope you guys enjoyed :)

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