don't judge a book by its cover
don't judge a book by its cover thoughts stories

kookiebts123 neighborhood blasian bitch💜
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don't judge a book by its cover

i just wanna say to all y'all ppl judge I'm fr ashamed of u like be for u judge someone u got to get to know them

me being the hella curious person was scrolling through a story and like it was a bunch of things but like so I said huh this person is mean but like me just the fact that in my mind I thought they would be mean but no they were and are the most chill person I have ever met.

to all y'all being mean to @illusionparadox fuck u yo momma yo daddy u grandma and go to hell

like u all see mean things and try to confront the person like u cant start a conversation with why u so rude u a bitch like the fuck anyone would lash out cuz I know for a fact I would so if y'all is gonna be like just dont

don't judge someone without getting to know them maybe if u want to just ask politely cuz the words ppl say hurt like u need to know what someone is going through before being bitchy

I'm sorry if I hurt u this is not meant for the ppl who don't do this stuff. I'm just trying to make a statement. I mean no harm to anyone just before u say something u have to think about how it affects the person. in the great words of Tupac THUG LIFE: the hate u give infants fucks everyone

@mistexplorer74 I love and respect u. but like I love and respect them to I hope and wish u don't hate me now. plz all yall don't hate me I have a lot of that already

baiii fam -Asia

sarangehae💜💜💜 chaghage gul eola❤️❤️❤️

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