A day in there life
A day in there life 

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kookiebts123 neighborhood blasian bitch💜
Autoplay OFF   •   21 days ago
all this emotion all this pain,can u keep on going?

A day in there life

they try to bottle up there emotion.all these feeling's, the pain.

they bottle it up just so the rumors and gossip don't spread,for what?

just so they can be normal and be left alone.,is it worth it?

everyday the bottle gets more full and they know they should let it out,can i endure the pain?

it all bottled up sealed tight and they wonder,when can i be normal again

they bottle it all until one day they let it out,was it worth it?

and they is you all the feels u lock up never gets out you never show who u really are,will u ever?

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