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Dramione Stories 2 dramione stories

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*Gryffindor common room* Hermione: Ginny!!!

Dramione Stories 2

*Gryffindor common room*

Hermione: Ginny!!!

Ginny: I'm coming!

Hermione: Hurry! They are about to announce the prefects!

*In the Great Hall*

Dumbledore: This year is going to be special. We are going to have 3 prefects from Gryffindor and 1 from Slytherin.

*There is whispering*

Dumbledore: The prefects are as follows, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Lavender Brown, and Pansy-- oh. Sorry Draco Mafloy.

Ginny: Hermione! That is amazing!

Dumbledore: there are 2 prefect dormitories, so choose wisely!

Lavender: I call Ron!

Hermione: Malfoy?! Really?!

Draco: Granger?!

*Outside the great Hall*

Snape: I assume you have chosen who you are to "bunk" with.

Lavender: I call Ron!

Draco: we get it, Brown.

Snape: yes. Now you know where they are.

*Hermione and Draco walk up to their portrait*

Portrait: please pick a password.

Hermione: Gryffindor or Hermione.

Draco: Slytherin or Draco.

Hermione: Fine. How about...hmm...Dramione?

Draco: If we must.

Hermione: We choose Dramione.

Portrait: Very well

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