Lows and highs
Lows and highs sci-fi stories

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Department of Deepsace Anomalies learned that something extremely unusual is going on. Now a elite team is dispatched to resolve the issue.

Lows and highs

"Has anyone been at the Northwest Antarctica's Otengbland artmuseum?

You know, the one that contains and hosts cryptic exhibits," asks field researcher and culture gourmet Nikolai while they decend into a lifeless metro station.

Mai "Kullipilk" Bjonbaun responds with her typical Northen Confederate accent: "Brother visited it with her wife recently.

Food was supposedly really expensive yet tasty but I'm sure that there's nothing better than wild deer's meat. I presume you have been there, but from where that question came from?"

"Wait for a moment," he communicated via intercom. "See, the artwork on the walls are similar to set of images that are right now on display.

Weirdly enough the curator and nobody else knows about their origins. It's rare to have almost no information about something that has been on the Earth on these days.

Okay, back in 23rd century it was regular thing, but still. By the way, I sent information to your armdisplays. Aren't they similar?"

Team leader Leks became even more uncomfortable as his years of service has taught him that being physically on the mission is never a good sign.

The first Leks noticed at the start of the mission was that tunnels had abnormal proportions.

"No human on any possible Earth would never ever build rooms at these scales and now there's mysterious connection with art," he noted and warned his squad to be careful.

"Shouldn't physics have effect on them? I guess the anomaly must be bi...." Something interrupted team lead from asking.

Department of Deepspace Anomalies squad notices how green brain like thing is floating towards to the party. They took defencive position faster than tip of the match head burns.

"Go deeper and find the keys!" comes from UFO before it shatters

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