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Subject Forty three


My eyes came to

Vision was functional; barely

But could see through the green liquid; out the transparent glass

Other senses were still down; couldn't move

But my eyes still saw..

..saw the men in thick brown coats, military sized boots and strange masks

They were saying stuffs; I couldn't hear

All I had was my sight; that worked barely

For my vision was blurry

The maskedmen; my mind counted three but my eyes saw six

So I ignored and tried to find hints

But got some insane pain, like my whole body was being boiled by the green liquid I was soaked in

The pain woke my other senses

Then I heard —"Increase Electromagnetic radiation of test subject forty three"

The pain grew so much more intense that it forced my mouth open, creating bubbles in the tube I was held in

The pain boosted my sense a little more.. I could feel the huge weird cord attached to my neck through it's needle head

The pain grew intense that I splashed.. The tube changed from green to red

..but the few minutes my brain had; my ears heard them lamenting and calling for the next subject My heart pained —cause they felt my failure but not my death.

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