Metamorphoses I.ii. Daphne and Apollo (and Cupid)
           Metamorphoses I.ii. 
Daphne and Apollo (and Cupid) conquest stories

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Second musing on Ovid's forlorn love stories

Metamorphoses I.ii. Daphne and Apollo (and Cupid)

Child of god Zeus, young Sun high seated in sky, untouched, pure. Driver of day, brother, bright foil of Night's whispered word.

The name sages invoke to temper raw Wisdoms wound. Aimed well shaft, Golden cast, makes stilted weaver of sound.

Sweet poised tongue Flits around, mad love forces some rust To unalloyed Brilliance, feeling animalistic lust.

Source of which loud boasting to little heart of Love's bow. He proving that when arrow of Love strikes, targets know.

Cherub plump, Hunter of hearts, winged mischief all must endure. Whose missiles, both small and great, seek and hit, Aim ever sure.

Lined with lead, or tipped with gold, Poisons rush to run around. Gold infiltrates entranced host, so drunken soon drops on ground.

Leads to flight does Lead bolt, the stricken one spins up dust. All the while smiling he that shot, the Metal thrust.

New targets he finds to Quiver so quick unload. Lonely, he never feels one chance hit Pierce him as so.

Dryad, nymph, stooped not from chains Leaden, dark fetters. Lingerer by riversides, lithe dancer, Dear clad in furs.

Chaste, so wanton, free, overland Roamer unbound. Leaping, forest Fawn flees, pierced suddenly, source not found.

Hearing bays at her heel, prayer does she cry in Pa's trust. Life chained by panted Oath, that she heeds it, a must.

Each accepts cruel, forlorn Fate, life, hers, ends, roots swift now grow. He, brow adorned with crown, those Laurels that no victor show.

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