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knighttakesf7 Lemme Get Some Suggestions

Just Want some Suggestions


Lemme Get Some Suggestions

Just a quick little thing I wrote without editing after an interesting idea popped into my head. LMK if anyone has any suggestions or likes it. Or dislikes it.

Everyone, even the foolish wind spirits that seemed to exist only to frustrate the more intelligent dwellers,

knew that everything The Teller claimed to be true wasn’t; even when he was vague enough in what he told to actually be accurate, he was wrong. Everyone knew that.

Chryseos knew that he had wasted what could have been a relaxing afternoon by tracking down a strange and off-putting old man only to receive some strange and equally off-putting news.

He also knew that whatever was said shouldn’t be taken seriously, and he would have to work nearly a full day to regain the money he would exchange for that bogus information.

It was partly curiosity; all his friends had ventured to The Teller before and had returned with laughter in their mouths and new stories to share.

Naturally, Chryseos was interested in what was so special about the something-hour long journey through the spine forest, and the trek up the rocky slopes at the base of The Teller’s residence.

He really didn’t know why he wanted to go–he felt drawn by some strange force within himself that was a mix of intrigue and fascination.

Walking quickly through the endless forest he struggled with whether or not he wanted to turn around or continue on.

The light in the sky was slowly dampening, and he had already been walking for at least two hours, every direction looking identical.

He wasn’t lost–the blue markings on the trees every few paces made sure of it–but he was frustrated as everyone told him the way couldn’t have been more than an hour and a half.

The excitement and anxiousness that should have been and had been at one point flowing through his veins was now replaced with a regretful annoyance as he watched the sunlight gently recede

from the forest.

It wasn’t his intention to start the journey so late in the day–he had originally planned to have his good friend Ravyn accompany him (she hadn’t gone to The Teller either,

and expressed some interest), but after waiting nearly an hour–maybe two–at the edge of the forest, he left a note and began walking.

Glancing ahead and hoping for some sign that he was nearing his destination, he partially wished that he had waited longer for her, or not gone at all.

Why is she always late?, he questioned with an irritated exhale of breath.

He was too close, or maybe he wasn’t, but he had been traveling for too long and his stubbornness didn’t allow him to turn around.

He stopped for a drink and sipping aggressively from the bottle he got a chance to acknowledge the oddities of the forest.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, he glanced around with a newfound curiousness.

For one, it was completely silent,

which he found rather strange as he swore he could recall the chirping of birds and scuffling of animals when he had been loitering around the edge waiting for Ravyn earlier.

Not only that, but the leaves and trees were positioned perfectly still, there wasn’t one gust of wind.

He remained stationary for a little while longer, wondering if some wind would make itself known. Nothing. That’s odd, he thought.

As if this strange forest wasn’t weird enough, it suddenly dawned on him that the terrain, although scattered with leaves and green, was perfectly flat in every direction. Demonically flat.

Weird. Interestingly, rather than making him want to turn around, the strangeness of his surroundings pushed him to continue. He jammed the bottle back into his backpack and began to jog.

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