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knicknockimhere Community member
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Don't actually show this to my mom
She will kill me

Dear Mother

by knicknockimhere

I understand that you just want the best for me

You're trying to look out for me

and I can understand that


By neglecting. yelling, threatening to hurt and even kill me. you aren't really doing the best job.

You also never let me do anything

Meanwhile my younger brother gets away with everything.

That's called favoritism.

A little birdy told me that can be abusive, depending on the situation.

I have done about six things in my life that are significant

Your son has done at least eight.

You wouldn't let me do the school musical

That I had been looking forward to all year. I was finally happy, but now, if you haven't noticed, I take my time coming home from school.


Because you are the reason I always cry myself to sleep at night, and that's new because guess who taught me crying was a sign of weakness and that I was supposed to be the strong one? You.

I have grown so sick and tired of going to school

Wanting to complain to my friends, but not being able to because you taught me that whenever I try to say something is wrong, I'm just whining.

I want to be able to do the things that make me happy

And my grades are fine.

But you still wouldn't let me be in the musical.

Every day when I walk home from the bus stop

I think about running away

So please,

Let me do what I want. I'm at the age where I can if you let me.

I am not the thing that is holding me back,

you are.

So next time I ask if I can go to Dairy Queen

and have Dad pick me up, or go up to Plaid Pantry with friends

Please say yes

Thank you


Your daughter.

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