"Porcelain Doll"
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This spooky 100-word drabble first appeared on The Horror Tree blog, and is now part of my anthology The Misery King's Closet. Enjoy! :)

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"Porcelain Doll"

*Originally published in The Horror Tree: Trembling With Fear, copyright (c) 2018

A porcelain doll sits on a shelf in Granny's guest bedroom.

Her gown glows like moonlight.

When I nod off, she titters.

When I startle awake, her hand rests against her flour-white cheek.

I climb out of bed, eyes on the doll, and inch toward the door. I turn to open it.

Something hits the hardwood.

Tiny saddle-shoes tip-tap toward me.

I rush into the hallway and pull the door shut.

She kicks, bangs, and unleashes lunatic giggles.

She can't reach the knob.

I slink toward the living room couch, curl up.

Over the piano, the clown oil painting glowers.

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