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Up next is my favorite part because it's the part I've never seen. In the garden of my heart your thumb is evergreen

Ask Myself

By Kaitlyn Martinec

I ask myself what I'm doing with you And I do not have an answer You see, wishful thinking and good intention Are not a remedy for disaster

I ask myself how this all ends And I do not want an answer I've seen that dreams and promises Are a recipe for disaster

I feel like the ceramic vase As it's free falling to the ground I said my last prayer just incase But you held me safe and sound

You hold my face in your Atlas hands I am heaven on earth in your eyes Lift me up when I can't stand Raise me high into the skies

You hold my body in your arms They close around me like a shell Tight they squeeze but do not harm Your embrace fits me well

You always hold me but never back So as to watch me grow Flower is what you call me in fact I planted myself long ago

I tell myself to take it slow But dive in head first blind What waits for me I do not know But I'm eager for what I find

Up next is my favorite part Because it's the part I've never seen In the garden of my heart Your thumb is evergreen

I think I knew it from the start Though I never could have foreseen That our love would flow like art And you would crown me as your queen

I play it cool I'm trying not To spill what's on my mind Into the abyss, myself I'd throw To yours my soul I'd bind

So I ask myself if I'm bound for disaster And the answer I do not care I can see the light and I'm running faster Toward the mess of life we will share

Did it happen that we are the lucky ones Out of the billions who have fallen apart The chance is slim to none they'll say But I am certain in my heart

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