Used to it:
Used to it: uncertain stories

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Is it sad that I’m used to this now That I almost search for it

Used to it:

Is it sad that I’m used to this now

That I almost search for it

Wait for it

Pray for your love to return

Or a love like yours to come back

So blind by what you beat into me

That I have no idea what else to want anymore

I dream of you still

Like this part of me that’s instilled

I write for you to come home

To be where you belong

Even though I know what would come

I know I’m not the only one that felt it

You regretted it

You wanted to be better

I always saw it in you

And you were

You became who I knew you always would be

And angel so freed

A soul so unleashed

I was so broken and destroyed

Wished only that you’d beckon me

When how sad was that?

Waiting like a dog to be called

You had no idea the damage you did

Thought I could never be broken

You proved that wrong

I trace the marks with my fingers

The scars

Close my eyes and think about the memories

You standing above me shoved on the floor

Your eyes so blank

The blood on the walls

I repeat the words to myself everyday

The ones you beat into my head

I am nothing

I will never be loved

I’ve repeated those words over and over

So much so, that now

This is all I adore

So used to it now

That this is all I expect

All that I now know

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