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I’m always scared.

Scared you’ll be there

Beaten so many times before

I knew how to read the signs

I tried to protect myself

Tried to hide

Like I’d always done

You found me though

You found me and you smiled

Told me I was safe

Put your hand out

Pulled me from the debris

But when I looked up

All I saw was blood stained walls

Black eyes and bruised bodies

You said you did it for me

Until my blood poured

Said you loved me

Until I couldn’t move anymore

The hurt I’d endured

Lying almost lifeless on the floor

I couldn’t cry

It hurt too much

Instead I laid there

Eyes barely able to see

Body incapable of moving

Slowly convincing myself

As you held me closer

Don’t you dare stop breathing

The whispers echoing in my head

As I struggled just to live

Tell me again how you love me

You said

And so I did

You hugged me fiercely

Like trying to convince me of something you knew wasn’t true

But I couldn’t move

You had the last

And you never understood what you did

What you convinced me of

And what little I find now

I was already broken

Beaten and bruised

Yet you did what you did

You knew I couldn’t handle anymore

And yet you put me through it

Broken as I was

You took what little I had left to last

Bruised and bleeding

Broken bones

And concussion after concussion

You fought

Leaving me with nothing

Nothing but the reminders of you

Speak and you’ll hurt

Talk and you’ll die

Tell the truth and it will only get worse

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