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Why did Roman not smile at Virgil? Comment


Chapter 4 "I almost kissed you, then I feel in love with you"

Patton was thinking for so long, Virgil gotten worried. "Patton? Patt?" Patton finally snapped back, looking into Virgil's soft brown eyes. Their faces were so close, they could feel each others breath on their lips. They both leaned in slowly, until their was a knock on the cabin door. Patton pulled away and ran to the door. He opened it revealing a boy.

"Hello, my name is Roman and I think I'm in this cabin." Roman said, standing tall. Patton just looked at Virgil with a confused look. Virgil just walked to Patton and Roman, "Well uh, hi Roman, I'm Virgil and this is Patton". Roman smiled at Patton, but not at Virgil. Which is very weird.

"Wait, are you know"? Roman, said about to laugh. Patton looked at Virgil then to Roman and shook his head. Virgil frowned a little, but had to put a straight face on. Virgil will admit he is now in love with Patton. Roman got himself away from the doorway to find himself a bed.

Patton just walked out of the cabin. Patton was in love with Virgil, but he thinks Roman will mess it all up. Patton just had to calm down before he creates a storm. He sat along the camp river and sighed. He had too much on his mind to think about anything else, but his mind was all on Virgil.......

PEACE SOUTH SIDE SERPENTS! Sorry I haven't posted it's just I have lots of school work.

- Love, Your Serpent King.

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