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kizzlechizzleCommunity member
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this was an old poem of mine


by kizzlechizzle

It's nice to see it rain outside,

just as it rains in my mind.

The world seems to understand too, the sadness

of what it’s like to try and forget someone like you.

And it’s nice to feel the rain on my skin,

washing away the feeling of your hands.

It’s cleansing me

from the things that will only forever exist as a memory.

And as the touch of your tongue on my skin fades away,

I begin to realize that I won’t be okay today.

But it's alright to cry here

for my tears are one with the rain.

And I can only hope as it rains harder

that the floods will build up.

Maybe here i can drown forever.

But despite the thoughts that still haunt me,

i know tomorrow will be a better day.

so here I stand alone under the flashing skies

dreaming of a time where I’ll feel okay

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