The judgement of society
The judgement of society plastic surgery stories
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What is beauty? I have honestly been filled with lies and rumors that I cant decide what is true anymore... Must I look beautiful to make someone happy?

The judgement of society

I was only eighteen when I realized that I looked like a fool

But never expected it to be this cruel.

These complications in my head

Suddenly making my face turn red.

With the sake of being beautiful and pure

Just shows that we can no longer be immature.

The pain and suffering building up

Can only grant me the touch of love.

‘Get straight A’s and be successful’

But my alter ego is emerging up, making it stressful

‘Be popular! Be pretty!’ they say

Has made my conscience want to go away.

Yet I bring my corruption to this clinic

And let plastic surgery burn inside me.

The horror and terrors are too much to bare,

But remember, it was me who chose that ‘this is fair’.

The day is done

To the point that I think I have won.

But despite the shiny glittery light, you see,

Has now made me disappointed that I’m not that queen bee.

Shame and disappointment across the faces around me

That ended up not even bringing me close to a D.

The gossip and rumors filling my head

Has made me sick inside the emptiness I hold in me

‘Fake, Artificial…’ and so

Left me nowhere to go

I trapped myself inside the hatred I built

That has allowed this huge guilt to follow me around

I ask and ask, ‘please undo!’

However, the surgeon is like ‘sorry, its stuck like glue’

My sunshine and smiles

Are gone for who knows how many miles.

Now I live alongside the loneliness inside

Which I can no longer be successful and have pride.

Being beautiful and high def doesn’t equal fame

Since in reality, it just makes you look lame…

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