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Where will the world take us? What will be in the future? What awaits us?


A B C D,

What will I end up to be?

Will I get a reaction?

In order to get some affection?

Get into an elite school

Where you can get to uni...

But how intellectual will it make me

To become the next prime minister or even a musician in a fantasy

It's only the world versus me

But yet I have no hope

To decide what I want to be

Through this catastrophe that is stuck within around me…

‘100% is what it takes’

But does my mum think,

It will help motivate me with this pen filled with ink?

Success equals the rights

However, it soon later attacks me back with a violent bite.

I don’t know which path to take

Yet this though and difficult situation will result in a heartache.

The goal to be a major is stabbing me violently

And has made the things I care about in life go away so silently…

How long will it take?

Why must I wait?

The theory behind this stress

Is just like playing a game of chess.

Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Professor…

Does this all equal to becoming a successor?

Limited choices that won’t even let me think big,

And yet I feel like this society is all rigged.

However, just because I may be different

It doesn’t mean I’m not me

Because on the inside I am free

From the enclosure that is keeping me.

I may not be top notch

Or even have an IQ of 233

But I want to be what I want to be

Since it will please me in this society

Let me be an artist or even a baker

Because that is my passion

And what I feel correlates to me.

Yes, I may be making the wrong choice to people

But don’t judge me when I don’t judge you

Since in this reality it's just us getting ready to debut.

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