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kitten Just here for fun
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Sometimes it is better not to fight it, but when I am broken, to pick me up and carry me out of the darkness


You lie there Shoved against the wall Porcelain skin Beaded with sweat

You never leave That critical corner Blemished and stained with Handwriting on the wall

Your eyes follow me As I regurgitate my day Onto cracked walls Up up and out of my mind

Your warning goes nameless Your judgement unvoiced

Even when red words drip And smear onto the carpet

And when my mind is empty And the mirror starts her cry Now comes the churned bile Up up and out of my mouth

Your genteel whispers soften Each murmur cradling me

Until the mirror is pacified And the scale sated

Now is when the blade Mourns his wine tarred tip Dragging red through starch skin Up up and out of my heart

And when I am but a shell You know it is time Rusted knees finally straighten And bear me to safety

And then your voice Comes in feather waves And tugs at me again With silken strands

And slowly They gently lift me Cradle me Up up and out of the darkness

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