Keep your head down
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Children are the most loving. Most trusting. Most vulnerable. Take care of the children in your life. Protect them with everything you have. Because there will be people that will be cruel and try to destroy them.

Keep your head down

When you are raised by a man Who needs you to be perfect You learn to be silent Keep your head down, always respect

And when you see him in the halls His fists flying against your mom You hear her screams And know to hide, /Be calm, be calm/

When you got older And he starts looking at you different Starts to smile at you Starts showing interest

And you get scared When he touched you When he made you touch him And then says it’s untrue

And then you knew To keep quiet Head down Disturb no silence

Just like always You were scared You told no one And no one cared

/Stop telling your lies He is your father Why would any man do that To their own daughter/

And so I was silent Just like always Kept my head down Stayed afraid

I internalized the pain All of the hurt I didn’t ask for help And it only got worse

And then he was out Out of our life Separated by divorce Separated by strife

Repression kicked in Burying my memories Calming my soul Locking away treachery

Funny how the thing That you try so hard to lock away Always come back to haunt you Day after day

And so when I found Things slipping into my head Things I couldn’t remember It made me wish I was dead

After my childhood He was out of my life Divorce had done that After such a long fight

Why the hell do people Do that to their children I wanted to scream at him What a stupid villain

And I want to blame myself Say it’s all my fault But that’s what you do After sexual assault

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