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Your lies hide in my head, slithering, waiting, their venom turning my mind dark...


You fell into my life And shattered my mind

Put the pieces back all wrong With a glue of darkness that doesn’t belong


Itch Stitch

Itch Itch Stitch

Tiny stitches inside my mind

Twist those thoughts all intertwined

Tear me apart to get them out Cold and unwelcome Threads slither about

Now I’m all red and sore

Now I’m all red and sore Bloody hands, Your eyes ignore

Spill onto the ground

Spill onto the ground Forgotten memories Play lost and found

Set the traps In my subconscious

Knock me out When I get nauseous

You tried so hard To hide them in me Foolish lies Undercooked thievery

Your stain-glass eyes Did nothing to disguise

The lurking darkness Behind your lies

Wait a while Stare at the clock Unhatched pain Tic Toc Tic Toc

When did your darkness Slither into my head Lay venomous lies In the sheets of my bed

Get them out

Get them out Out

Get them out Out Out

/Your pain is numb/ Your voice burns like acid Your soul is flying While mine stays passive

I want this gone And you along with it  Before I was all light Now I’m the darkest spirit

Now I’m the darkest spirit

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