You asked how I feel
You asked how I feel realization stories

kitten Just here for fun
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Sorting out my realization at a time

You asked how I feel

Don't talk to me like that I hate this I hate us I hate you

Don't look at me like that I hate what you do to me I hate how you make me feel I hate how I'm trapped

Don't touch me like that I hate that I want you I hate that I love you I hate that you don’t love me

Stop it I'm scared I’m scared of you I’m scared of losing you

Stop it I don't want to let go I’m scared of letting go I’m scared to be alone

I thought I meant the world to you I meant something to you But I am nothing to you

Let me go I can't walk away I don’t want to walk away I need to walk away

I want to hear you say I love you I want you to beg me to stay I want to hear that you care for me But I know you’ll just leave

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