A stranger’s hand
A stranger’s hand gratitude stories

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Kindness saves lives. Be kind. Love your community. Help those that are struggling. And if they don't want to talk. Let them know you are there. And that you love them.

A stranger’s hand

I was fixated So obsessed On my grades And the tests

I pushed myself Too hard in the night And skipped all those meals Burning the daylight

Sleep isn’t necessary Neither is fun Or friends Or anyone

It was like the week before finals But all the time It was torture A internal crime

And when my parents saw me The shadows under my eyes And pale face They just advertise

“Look at our girl Working so hard To keep her scholarship Such an avant-garde”

And I put on that disguise That my grades provided Because that was all they saw Stupid and shortsighted

You wouldn’t hear them ask If I had friends If I was happy What I did on the weekends

So when I fell I should have expected That all they cared about Was that I was rejected

And when I couldn’t get on my feet I was ”lazy” Called a cheat

I wasn’t who they wanted I wasn’t their daughter They wanted me out Sent to slaughter

And I was sick Sick and tired Of their dumb expectations Their stupid conspire

And so I wrote them a letter Telling them my plan For my life One they could understand

And when I stood On that bridge I felt more free Almost encouraged

It wasn’t a cry For attention Because there was no one For an intervention

And though there were tears I promise you I wasn’t scared Or sad Just unprepared

What came unexpected Was that hand On my left shoulder A stranger who could understand

And when I looked Into their eyes And saw their tears As they look past my disguise

That hand took me Off of the danger And showed me the love That only came of a stranger

Who knew nothing Heard nothing Connected nothing Judged nothing

And they took me into warmth And let me sit there As the tears fell And asked nothing more than I would share

And when I was tired They gave me their bed And took the couch Instead

That stranger saved my life When I desperately needed someone And I will always be grateful To be saved from depressions seduction

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