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If you need any ideas for a character or characters just click on this book! Just ask me first if you're gonna use one in your book! (Some of the names are weird but idc).

Character Ideas

Name: Pablo Nickname: Pacho Age: 16 Looks: He has dirty blonde hair, grayish blue eyes, and tan skin. He's a bit tall. Personality: He's really brave, and he is willing to risk it all for the ones he loves.

Additional Info: His brother Bruce died in a fire and Pablo blames himself although it wasn't his fault. He can be too brave at times and gets into fights, he now has a scar on the bridge of his nose to prove it.

Name: Kipper Age: 16 and a half Looks: He has dark skin, bright hazel eyes, and chocolate brown hair. He's tall. Personality: He loves sports and is captain of his school's basketball team. He can be stubborn.

Additional Info: His dad is strict and hates Kipper's friends, thinking they're a bad influence.

Name: Sarah Age: 16 Looks: She has a little tan, dark brown eyes, and curly, light caramel hair. She's a bit short. Personality: She can be a bit violent when she's angry and practices karate. She likes to read.

Additional Info: Her parents got robbed when she was a small child and couldn't afford to keep her so she went into foster care which turned into adoption. She learned karate to keep her new friends and family safe.

Name: Yang Age: 16 Looks: He has pale skin, mint green eyes, and black hair. Personality: He is very intelligent and thinks school is a waste of his time. He's an introvert.

Additional Info: His parents are archaeologists and very rich, they never spend time with Yang.

Name: Lindi Age: 15 and a half Looks: She has long, straight raven hair, white skin, and purplish eyes. She is tall. Personality: Lindi locks herself up in her room when she's upset and is a huge pessimist.

She has a smart mouth that is always prepared with comebacks. She enjoys drawing. Additional Info: Her mom is always trying to make her positive by bringing Lindi to try different activities but it never works.

Name: Talia Age: 16 and a half Looks: She has honey colored eyes, olive skin, and maple hair that is always in a ponytail. Personality: She loves animals and is very empathetic.

She lives on a farm and spends time with the animals when she's stressed. Additional Info: Her dad is a hippie and her mom works in Russia which is very far away from where Talia lives.

Name: Nick Age: 16 Looks: He has tan skin, red hair, and emerald green eyes. He is a bit tall and very handsome. Personality: He is secretive and sly, like a fox.

Additional Info: He lives by himself in a cabin in the woods.

Name: Ramona Age: 15 Looks: She has pale skin, bubblegum pink hair with bangs, and turquoise eyes. Personality: She has a bubbly personality but can be scared easily. She loves anime.

Additional Info: Her parents act like she's a 4 year old and she tries her best to ignore them.

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