Phone will be the end of us
Phone will be the end of us satire stories

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What happens when no one ever looks up from their phones?

Phone will be the end of us

It all started in 1876 when the first phone was made not many people had one but in the 2000 you couldn't take a walk without seeing one.

But who takes walks anymore why do that when you can do it on your phone without the sun in your eyes and the bugs and the noises and the annoying people who want to start a conversation

with you.With phones the possibility's are endless but no one ever knew that in the next few years phones would wipe out all humanity.

Hi my name is Massie and I live in the year 2058 and I'm 12 years old if you thought the 2019 was infested with phones you should see now it's crazy everyone has a phone when you're

first born you're given a phone everyone's is different it's practically your best friend it's so cool too with all the new updates some fly some walk and they all have different voices I

don't understand why some of the elders are saying that we need to look up from our phones and see the real world


All the elders are gone they left us a note saying something I don't know what it says I don't read notes so they texted us instead it say the world is ending come to the bunker if you what

to live.Silly elders they don't know what they're talking about the world is perfect

The next day

My best (human) friends phone blew we were texting each other then suddenly I hear a loud boom I didn't look up though the last thing I heard from her was a scream

A months later

The elders were right the world is ending my phone is ticking there's a bomb I'm One of the last people here...

if anyone gets this message from the past look up from your phone once in a while see the world go outside socialize with friends and spend time with family before it's too late and if

anyone gets this from the future stay away from all phones

The last thing I heard was a boom and everything went black but now I'm with my friends and family in heaven the elders aren't here...we should've listened to them

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