Heaven or hell
Heaven or hell scary-clown stories

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A killer clown is on the loss do you and your dorm mates have what it takes to survive and be can one choice suddenly end your life?

Heaven or hell

BANG BANG I heard a noise coming from some stairs thinking it was my roommates I went downstairs to tell them to quiet down but I soon realized that they were right behind me wondering where

the noise was coming from.BANG BANG "What is that noise?"Liam asked "What time is it?" "it's 2:08AM." Ella said as she looked at her watch.

"Who the hell is knocking on the door at 2 o'clock."Ethan said yawning. "Probably a crack head." I said walking down the stairs.

"Wait,don't open it what if it's a robber?" Ella said grabbing my hand. "If it was they wouldn't be so loud." I said walking down the stairs.

Ella grabbed a knife just in case but I told her I wouldn't need it.Before I could get down stairs I heard a crash. "Someone broke the window." Liam whispered.

"We need to go hide everyone has a knife right?" We all nodded

"We'll all be fine,like Amanda said it's probably just someone who's high."Ethan reassures.

We all went upstairs and went into Ella's room hers was the lowest to the ground and if we needed to we could jump off. "Come out and play."An errie voice said. "Check the cameras." I whispered.

"And call 911." "Omfg look!" Ella cried standing in the living room was a clown with neon orange hair and blood stained clothes we was looking right at the camera.

"Call 911!" I said urgently.Liam walked up to the phone and dialed 911. "Hello,911 what is your emergency?" "There's someone in the house he's bloody and he has a knife.

"Liam said,but suddenly the phone cut off and the voice said "shhhh." Liam's face turned white. "Wtf leave us alone if this is a prank it isn't funny.

" The maniac laugh from the clown made Liam hang up. "We need to get out of here."Ethan said "We can run to the car." "Ok,but we need to wait until he gets up the stairs.

" I said "Then it's take him longer." Soon after we heard heavy footsteps going up the stairs and an evil laugh "Where arrreee you?" The clown said "I just wanna play a little game.

Its called heaven or hell,I stab you then we see if you've been bad or good little boys and girls." "Ok,he's close so open the window."Ethan said "Bring your weapons." "Shhhhh.

"I could hear the clown saying.I was the last one out so I made sure the door was locked and closed the window.We ran like our life depended on it because it did.

We heard the clown yell "Where the hell are you?

" We ran even faster suddenly I could hear foot steps behind me I looked back and got my first good look at him his hair was bright orange answered his blood stained clothes

had rainbow sleeves he looked like the kind you would invite to your eighth birthday minus the blood part.We finally got to the car door. "Unlock it."I said "Shit shit shit shit.

"Liam said as he fumbled with the keys he finally unlocked the door and we all piled in.Me in the passengers seat,Liam in the drivers and Ella and Ethan in the back.

We thought we safe but when the clown caught up to us he simply smiled and waved his finger no.

Thats when it happened the explosion me and Liam survived but unfortunately Ella and Ethan weren't so lucky.

When I woke up in the hospital I felt a pain in my hand it wasn't because it was broken but a message was carved into it said not a word not peep you're lucky I didn't put you sleep under

that it had the year 2028 I'll be back. I cried on my leg he had cut the letters heaven and hell im my thigh.

At Ella's and Ethans funeral I swear I saw the clown shaking his head no answer two familiar body types one girl one boy right beside him.

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