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kirsten_ambrose I write for fun, and for school.
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A short poem that deals with anxiety.

Who Am I?

Who am I?

I'm fine.

It’s my introduction, “Nice to meet you, I'm fine.”

Who am I?

I'm emotional.

Every tearjerker brings me still nearer to blowing it, I'm emotional.

Who am I?

I'm doubting.

Your smiles, your invitations, are you going through the motions?

I'm doubting.

Who am I?

I'm terrified.

Alone in the crowd, begging someone to notice. I did it all wrong, but how could I fix this until

I'm humiliated.

I broke.

And now I see in your eyes, you don’t know how to handle it, Running for help that I need, but I hate it,

As I dig in my nails and the voice in my head is saying:

“Who am I?”

I am the attention seeker,

I am the runt of the litter,

I am weak,

I am worthless,

I am far too much trouble,

Just disappointment,

Now don’t tell them, you promised you'd keep it inside, And drown it in smiles.

Who am I?

I am strong like a ticking time bomb and explosion is imminent.

I am revulsion at what I become and the pity I see,

I am pride.

A pride that was beaten once, twice, three times, four times, five times,

Each failure blurring the image that people should see,

Making me a mockery of my own creation,

A calm imitation.

But I'm drowning, I'm drowning.

Who am I?

All I had was my mind, but now it’s rebelling,

Building a barricade to lock me in.

I can't think myself out.

Who am I?

Some days I am fine.

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