Borderline sad stories

kirimvose Kiss me on my mouth and set me free
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Love is not always broken between lovers


A hand that I cherish,

being held by another.

Although I am just a spectator, Intense jealousy courses through me, hatred twitches in my fingers

don't I deserve a route with you?

don't I deserve a route with you? platonic,

don't I deserve a route with you? platonic, sexual,

I don't care, just staying by your side is enough. you are all I need to stay alive

I don't feel love, not like a lover would.

But you make me feel more pain than in any hell or more sadness than in any funeral with a thoughtless comment

You make the world light up for me. Without you, I feel empty

Yet you leave me behind

Am I only a stepping stone for you?

When I need you the most

fakers monopolize you, and you respond them.

But when I stretch my hand out desperately

all that I feel is the cold air.

Wasn't I a friend to you? Please don't leave me. Please.

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